Lead Software & Algorithm Developer - first employee

Job description:

We are hiring our first employee(!) and looking for a strong and versatile developer to lead the software side of our product, which includes real-time control of our patch, data processing and analysis.

The developer will be a key player in the effort of transitioning the device from POC to a commercial, clinically validated product.

This is a challenging endeavor consisting of the development of a medical product where accuracy and performance are critical, and of the innovative integration of ML into the domain of continuous ultrasound imaging, which provides a substantial clinical value improving the treatment of critically-ill patients.



  • Manage all software related R&D tasks in the company

  • Software design of a continuous monitoring system

  • Develop and implement our image & signal processing algorithms

  • Analysis and optimization based on clinical trials results

Desired skills & experience:

  • Hands-on developer with technical leadership skills

  • Great interpersonal skills

  • OOP design experience

  • Experience with C++ for signal and image processing - an advantage

  • Experience with machine learning for object detection and tracking - an advantage

  • Experience with developing a medical product – an advantage

  • Strong interest in the medical/healthcare domain

Location:         Haifa Life Sciences Park

Applications and inquiries should be sent to: tom@hemonitor.co

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